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Grocery Store

Delicious Arabic and Turkish Sweets Made Fresh Daily!

We stock general grocery items used in daily cooking like lentil, spices, rice, flours, canned and pickled items, breads, as well as frozen dishes and appetizers.

You will be pleased to find over 2000 items in our store including best sellers Baroody, Ziyad, Ulker, Tamek, Eti, Superfresh and many more brands.

Farm Fresh Halal Meat & Restaurant Indian/Pakistani/Middle Eastern Groceries & Frozen Foods

All of our Meats and Grocery Items are 100% Halal and Approved by The Halal Food Standards Alliance of America


2200 Madison Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06606 Tel >> (203) 333 - 3702 email >> freshhalalbridgeport@gmail.com